The Sparkly Clean Experience

Pressto - is a derivative from the latin word “presto”, basically means “quickly”. Pressto has been dedicated to provide the best possible dry cleaning and laundry in our beloved Dhaka City. Since we opened in January 2015, we have been catering international standard service to over 30001 customers, cleaning over a thousand pieces a day.

There are many dry cleaning service providers in Dhaka; some substantially bigger than us, but  our Customers are vastly different than others. Our customer base consists of the upper middle class or higher income bracket demographics of Dhaka City, with sophisticated taste, cares about the way they look and are willing to pay the price for a job done to perfection.

Pressto stands out with our uniqueness in the customer's' perception with a dedicated customer service team. Just look at our Terms and Conditions and it will be clear that we take our job seriously.  We strive to be the best there is and to provide the best possible services while, take responsibility of all items we process, and at times for some unforeseen reason, mishaps do happen. Every Pressto customer is given the utmost attention with an uncompromising commitment to quality and you are eligible for our services as soon as you are registered with us.

Registration is free with amazing rewards for the customers, that is, the more you use the better it gets! Upon registration, the customer will receive a Pressto Rewards Card.

The Pressto Rewards Card is required for dropping-off and picking-up your laundry from our outlets. And at the same time, it is beneficial to use this card because the more you use, the more points you collect, meaning that you will be eligible for more discounts with seasonal articles(*) to be dry cleaned, picked up and dropped from your doorstep free of cost(*)

We only use the best on your clothes, A.L. Wilson spotting chemicals, consumer and commercial laundry products from Diversey International, Color safe bleach are only Clorox Brand Chlorine Bleach is used on your clothes every single time you wash with us. We take care of your clothes as if they were our own.We will treat your clothes with love from wash, dry, fold and packing. We care about your clothes as much as you do - get them back as good as new.

(*)Terms & Conditions Apply